This page contains a membership roster of the Budget and Advocacy Committee of the APLU Board on Agriculture Assembly, including both voting and nonvoting members.

Voting Members



Alan L. Grant, VPI & State University


Advocacy Chair

Orlando F. Mcmeans, West Virginia State University


Academic Programs Section

John C. Stier, University Of Tennessee, Knoxville


Cooperative Extension Section

Doug L. Steele, Texas A&M University


Experiment Station Section

William F. Brown, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


International Agriculture Section

J. Mark Erbaugh, The Ohio State University

1890 Land-Grant Universities Extension

Albert E. Essel, Lincoln University


1890 Land-Grant Universities Research

Bobby R. Phills, Southern University and A&M College


APLU Non-Land-Grant Institutions

Karen L. Jones, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale


Insular/Territorial Land-Grant Institutions

Raul E Macchiavelli, University of Puerto Rico


Council for Agricultural Research, Extension, and Teaching (CARET)

Robert T. “Tom” Jones, Arizona


APLU Board On Human Sciences

Cheryl Achterberg, Ohio State University


APLU Board On Veterinary Medicine

James P. Thompson, University Of Tennessee


Section On Forest Resources

John P. Hayes, Colorado State University


Non-Voting Members


Committee On Legislation And Policy Liaison

Gregory A. Bohach, Mississippi State University


Policy Board Of Directors Liaison

Gary A. Thompson, Pennsylvania State University

Jay T. Akridge, Purdue University


Council On Governmental Affairs

Gabrielle Serra, Oregon State University


Ex Officio Members

Ian L. Maw, APLU

Eddie G. Gouge, APLU

Rick Klemme, Cooperative Extension

Wendy Fink, APLU

Hanan Saab, APLU

Alton Thompson, Association Of Research Directors

L. Washington Lyons, Association Of Extension Administrators

H. Michael Harrington, Western Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors

Andrew Maccabe/Kevin Cain, American Association of Veterinary Medicine Colleges

Hunt Shipman, Cornerstone Government Affairs

Jim Richards, Cornerstone Government Affairs

Vernie Hubert, Cornerstone Government Affairs

Jeremy Witte, Cornerstone Government Affairs