This page contains links to documents from 2003 for the F.Y. 2004 budget and appropriations process for the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service, including the President's budget, the BAC's priority requests, and congressional bills and other documents.

F. Y. 2004 Appropriations: USDA-CSREES

  CSREES - Conference report excerpts (.pdf)
  CSREES - Spreadsheet showing percentage changes (.xls)
  CSREES - Final action spreadsheet (.xls)
  NASULGC-BAC position on CSREES lines in conference (.doc)
  CSREES - House-Senate comparison spreadsheet (.xls)
  Statement of Administration (White House) Policy - Senate (.pdf)
  CSREES - Senate report excerpts (.pdf)
  CSREES - House report excerpts (.pdf)
  Rep. Henry Bonilla's floor statement (.html)
  Rep. Marcy Kaptur's floor statement (.html)
  House floor debate on 1890s amendment (.html)
  House colloquy on "insular areas" funding (.doc)
  Congressional 302(b) allocations (.pdf)
  Letter from 75 House members to Rep. Bonilla (.pdf)
  Draft request letter for congressional offices (.doc)
  NASULGC-BAC CSREES one-pager (.pdf)

F. Y. 2004 Appropriations: DHS

  BRT report on final House-Senate action (.doc)
  House-Senate conference report excerpt (.pdf)
  House committee report excerpt (.pdf)
  DHS News Release on University-Based Centers of Excellence (link)
  NASULGC-BAC DHS one-pager (.pdf)

F. Y. 2004 Presidential Budget Request: USDA-CSREES

  USDA, Interior, and EPA overview (.html)
  USDA: Budget details for the entire department (.pdf)
  CSREES: Budget brochure (.pdf)
  CSREES: Spreadsheet comparing 2002, 2003, 2004 (.xls)