This page contains links to documents from 2005 for the F.Y. 2006 budget and appropriations process for the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service, including the President's budget, the BAC's priority requests, and congressional bills and other documents.


House-Senate Conference Results

  CSREES portion of conference report (.pdf)
  Spreadsheet of CSREES line items (.xls)
  Comparison of NASULGC request vs. conference results (.doc)

Senate Markup Results

  CSREES portion of Senate committee report (.pdf)
  Spreadsheet for CSREES line items (.xls)
  Comparison of NASULGC request vs. Senate marks (.doc)

House Markup Results

  CSREES portion of House committee report (.pdf)
  Spreadsheet for CSREES line items (.xls)
  Comparison of NASULGC request vs. House marks (.doc)
  Memo from the BAC leadership to the NASULGC system (.doc)

302(b) Allocations

  House Appropriations Subcommittees
  Senate Appropriations Subcommittees

News Stories on Formula Funds Issue

  Media coverage through March 15, 2005

House and Senate Dear Colleague Letters

  Pickering-Peterson House Letter
  Snowe-Lincoln Senate Letter

NASULGC's Priority Requests

  Summary and Comparison with President's Budget Request (.pdf)

One Pagers Explaining Priority Requests

  Oppose Proposed Cuts to CSREES Base Fund Programs (.pdf)
  Increase Funding for 1890s, 1994s, and Other Programs (.pdf)
  Increase Funding for Expanded Food & Nutrition Program (.pdf)
  Increase Funding for NRI and Other Competitive Programs (.pdf)
  Fund the Cooperative Extension Service’s eXtension Initiative (.pdf)
  Fund Critical Agrosecurity Priorities (.pdf)

State-by-State Impacts Associated with Proposed Base Funding Cuts

  Link to page on this Web site

Talking Points for Use in Discussing the Formula Funds Issue

  Core Messages and Proof Points (.pdf)

ESCOP's Formula Funds Color Brochure

  Formula for Success (.pdf)

Paragraphs for Member Request Letters & House-side Forms (.pdf)

  Oppose Elimination of Hatch, McIntire-Stennis, etc.
  1890 Institutions Capacity Building Grants
  1890 Facilities (Sec. 1447)
  1994 Institutions Research
  1994 Institutions Extension
  Hispanic Education Partnership
  U.S. Insular Areas Resident Instruction and Distance Learning
  Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)
  National Research Initiative (NRI)
  Institution Challenge Grants
  International Science & Education Grants
  Graduate Fellowships
  New Technologies for Ag Extension (eXtension)
  Food and Agriculture Defense Initiative
  Agrosecurity Education

President's Budget Request

  CSREES Overview (.html)
  CSREES Spreadsheet (.xls)
  CSREES Portion of President's "Savings Document" -- 154 Cuts (.pdf)
  USDA Budget Overview (.pdf)
  USDA Appendix (.pdf)
  Agriculture Programs Overview (.pdf)