This page contains links to documents from 2008 for the F.Y. 2009 budget and appropriations process for the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, including the President's budget, the BAC's priority requests, and congressional bills and other documents.


Final Conference Results


CSREES portion of conference committee report

  Spreadsheet showing all CSREES program lines
  Spreadsheet comparing BAC's priorities and final marks

Senate Markup Results

  CSREES portion of committee report to accompany Senate bill
  Spreadsheet showing all CSREES program lines in Senate mark
  Spreadsheet comparing BAC's priorities and Senate committee mark

House Markup Results

  Spreadsheet showing all CSREES program lines in House SC mark
  Spreadsheet comparing BAC's priorities and House subcommittee mark
  Rep. Rosa DeLauro (chair) remarks (See p. 4 for Research)

House and Senate "Dear Colleague" Letters

  Final Senate Letter from Sens. Lincoln and Snowe
  Final House Letter from Reps. Herseth-Sandlin and Pickering

House and Senate 302(b) Appropriation Allocations

  House 302(b) Allocations — As of June 13, 2008

CSREES Appropriations Requests for CSREES "Two-Pagers"


Overview of All CSREES Requests

  The Numbers

Targeted Enhancements

  Smith-Lever 3(b)-(c)
  Hatch Act
  Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program
  Evans-Allen (1890s Research)
  1890s Extension
  McIntire-Stennis Cooperative Forestry
  1994 Land-Grant Institutions Extension
  1994 Land-Grant Institutions Research
  Insular Areas Resident Instruction Grants

Support for Administration's Priorities

  National Research Initiative
  Food and Agriculture Defense Initiative
  Higher Education Challenge Grants
  National Needs Graduate Fellowship Grants
  New Technologies for Ag Extension (eXtension)

President's Budget Request for F.Y. 2009

  USDA FY 2009 Budget Appendix (.pdf)
  CSREES excerpt from FY 2009 USDA Budget Appendix (.pdf)
  CSREES spreadsheet showing all budgetary lines (.xls)
  CSREES two-page brochure with all budgetary lines (.pdf)